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“She can’t drink. Among other things.”

The Fortune

This scene is so well acted, it makes me think back to some of the worst hangovers I’ve ever had.

hey guys, it’s Freddy again!

and also… I’m beginning to think Gilly was trying to tell me something by naming me FQB… ;)


Mostly loving ‘The Fortune’ tonight.

And, my followers, THIS is Fredericka Quintessa Biggard. :D


“They were definitely in their girl-crazy heyday. It was quite magnificent to be around, and I was kind of fly-on-the-wall through it all, and they were very close pals then, and for all I know may still be. And, so, it was like: ‘What did you do last night, Jack?’ ‘Ay ay ay ay ay…’, you know. But they never hit on me, which was incredibly disappointing, um, and vaguely insulting. But, you know, it was kind of an amazing experience.”

— Stockard Channing in Ask A Star on