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W is for Wayne: What can you tell us about the next season?



One of the main characters will become parent and juggle her new life and her work. More than ever, we get closer to Red John. I do not know what Bruno Heller plans. Over the series progresses, I find dark. And that’s what I like “The…

Oh geez. Let me clear this up xD

This interview is for a French magazine promoting the FOURTH season. So the character she is referring to becoming a parent is RIGSBY. Something must have been lost in translation somewhere because she is talking about a he, not a she. 

Hope this helps, and sorry to dash any Lisbon-mommy dreams.

okay good, thank GOD. That would have just completely screwed the whole plot up. No babies for the babies for a while, please, Bruno! :P

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Sally Field: ‘Spider-Man’ role was tribute to friend

Aired on July 02, 2012

The two-time Oscar winner chats with NBC’s Willie Geist about why she took on the role of Peter Parker’s Aunt May in the new movie “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and plays a word association game with some of her acting roles.

Adorable little interview Sally gave earlier this month. She speaks of her reason for participating in Spider-Man, memories of Martin Sheen from the 70s that he can’t seem to remember longer than she can remind him, and some word association with some past titles. (Including The Flying Nun “Sweet Jesus Heaven”) Check it out!

  • USA Today: I gotta tell ya, when I think Sally Field, the first thing that comes to mind is not necessarily summer, action, super-hero blockbuster movies.
  • Sally: Really? What's wrong with you?


Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately) on The Rosie Show - 08/february/12

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (this part has a somewhat disgusting image after the one minute mark, so…you’ve been warned)

and here is an awkward one of rosie singing something for chelsea

it breaks my heart to see chelsea crying

sorry, they are out of order

Oh my god, I’m crying. The last 3 minutes of this video had be sobbing.


“They were definitely in their girl-crazy heyday. It was quite magnificent to be around, and I was kind of fly-on-the-wall through it all, and they were very close pals then, and for all I know may still be. And, so, it was like: ‘What did you do last night, Jack?’ ‘Ay ay ay ay ay…’, you know. But they never hit on me, which was incredibly disappointing, um, and vaguely insulting. But, you know, it was kind of an amazing experience.”

— Stockard Channing in Ask A Star on


Simon Baker interview at Live!withKelly (16/01/2012)

there is a little preview for The Mentalist 4x12

I love Lisbon emotions but ughhhhhh van pelt is missing that’s annoying dkjbslkfhdbgkhsebrfgkhbelrtkbgsrfglkjsrghb

Robin Tunney


On Australians:

”You guys are everywhere; you’re taking over the world”

On Simon Baker:

”What you see is what you get”

”When he says, ‘Good job’, he really means it. He has a sense of humour about himself. He’s not fragile. You can take the piss out of him and pull jokes on him any time and he’ll roll with it.”

‘Oh, does my mother think he’s handsome,” she purrs. ”My father way prefers him to me.”

On herself:

”My long-term plan is to not get any plastic surgery and maybe I’ll get some old-lady roles!”

”I’m somebody who’s been blessed with good genes; I eat pasta and have dessert and do exercise but never had to do anything extreme. I’ve never felt the pressure other women have felt. I’ve gotten lucky.”

On the Mentalist and casting:

‘In the pilot there was a power struggle between Jane and Lisbon and immediately I thought, ‘This isn’t going to work episode after episode; I can’t constantly be telling him, you can’t go above my head.’ Because the show is called The Mentalist, he’s going to be right and getting invested in those arguments isn’t going to work.

”On the page they were hard-wired completely differently and there was this struggle but that changed by virtue of casting.”

”On TV, you have to go out and perform week after week and if it stops working, they stop writing for it. If Simon and I didn’t have chemistry, they’d stop writing it. Which is kind of fun because you feel you’re always having to prove yourself.”

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