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Nora Walker: lifespiration

"You can’t sit on your hands so others can feel better about themselves. You won’t do anyone any good by pretending to be less than what you are."
Nora Walker, Brothers and Sisters (via mynameisntandrea)

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Jonathan?? Jonathan! Close your eyes! […] I’m getting a rottweiler.


FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [6/10] Families - The Walkers

I’ve been getting to know your family. Not that that’s an easy thing to do, because they’re all a little unhinged, but I think tonight I finally started to figure them out. Like Tommy is always so stoic, taking care of everyone around him. I’m just not sure who’s taking care of him. And Kevin when he’s really hurt he’s sarcastic and funny, he’s brutally funny, but I think even he knows that’s not always enough, not now, not for this. And Sarah’s just this force, kind of like Superwoman, you know, with the kids and the job, she’s always fighting so hard for her family all the time, but I’m sure she sometimes wishes it was easier, not so complicated. Kitty’s someone I don’t really know yet, but I’m glad she came home, I think she needed to be here, especially now. I think being around her family is what grounds her, gives her direction, keeps her sane. And your mom, she’s like the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, the way she handles everything and everyone. But every so often I can tell she’s a million miles away. Thinking about you. And then she just looks so scared and so small. And you were wrong about being the black sheep. You’re the heart of this family, Justin. They need you. I need you, so please be okay. Please.

Nora spends more time naked on this show than any of her kids do.

I like that Nora Walker sleeps without pants.


Baking <3 (Separation Anxiety 2x13)

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