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Oklahoma!- Oklahoma (Finale) (Feb.2012)

I miss this show so much :( I love this number too, I was anxious to learn this song since the first day. The harmonies are beautiful (well, they had the potential to be, if some people knew how to blend :P lol) But that’s okay. I still love it.

Surrey With a Fringe on Top from Oklahoma!

February 2012

I want to post the rest of my Oklahoma videos, which one should I post next?

1. Oklahoma!
2. People Will Say We’re in Love

I miss oklahoma sometimes :(

Official Oklahoma bobby-pin count!

I’ve lost/mixed up quite a few of these, so the numbers may not be entirely right, but still… THAT’s why my head hurt so bad after each performance!

Night one: ~64

Night two: ~40

Night three: ~45

none of these numbers make much since seeing as dress rehearsal I had about 70 and they increased each night.

but this is why I never need to buy bobby pins.

my absolute favorite to sing. my favorite part is the high A at the end. I worked so hard for that note. :D

one of my favorites. Out of My Dreams from Oklahoma!


I finally have an Oklahoma video for you guys! Yay!

This is Many A New Day. Basically it’s the theme song for feminists all over the world. Enjoy! :P

(also, it’s on my new youtube channel. subscribe! :D)

lol writing my bio for Oklahoma and writing about myself in 3rd person is weird.

Charlotte King + Rehearsing for Oklahoma= me with a country accent for the remainder of the day… y’all.

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