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so in the last ep of Political animals

Air Force One just went down and I can’t stop crying cause I honestly can’t even imagine what would happen to our country if 30+ members of our white house team were all killed in an instant

like i can’t even imagine

now on to the last episode of Political Animals! :(


rewatching Political Animals ughhhh besttttt

Fangirl Challenge: 1/10 female characters —-> Elaine Barrish (Political Animals)

I am looking forward to spending more time together.

Does anyone want to take over this blog?


I want a co-admin doing the graphics and stuff in a couple of months, and after that, we can do it together if I find the time. But this blog will be completely yours until till least January, and if you like running this blog, then I will make you the owner :) 

Send me a message and we’ll talk! If I don’t find anyone at friday, I will probably delete this blog. 

Most of life is hell. It’s filled with failure and loss. People disappoint you, dreams don’t work out, hearts get broken, innocent journalists die. And the best moments of life when everything comes together are few and fleeting. But you’ll never get to the next great moment if you don’t keep going. So that’s what I do. I keep going.

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