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List of Doctor Who phrases that will make me cry


List of Doctor Who phrases that will make me cry

  • You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.
  • Take me back!
  • And I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it: Rose Tyler…
  • Oh, Donna Noble. I am so sorry. But we had the best of times.
  • Hello, Doctor. It is so very, very nice to meet you.
  • I don’t want to go.
  • Come along, Pond. Please.


TOP 5 DONNA NOBLE SCENES #2 | asked by passrevoked
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Anyway, gobsmacking 4.11 rushes today. No kidding, one of the finest pieces of acting I have ever seen - when Catherine realises that she’s going to die. She’s crying with horror. Absolutely perfect. I texted her to say thanks. She’s a very private person, I’m never 100 per cent sure what she thinks about things, but she texted back: ‘I’m so lucky to be doing all this. It’s wonderful to be part of it.’ That made me happy. Very happy. For many hours.
- Russell T Davies: The Writer’s Tale

Let’s be real here. Everything about this episode is my favourite thing about this episode, so picking just one scene from Turn Left is a bit ridiculous. I do, however, adore what this scene in particular says about Donna. Because she’s so beautifully, heartbreakingly brave here - brimming with hope and the belief that things can only be better in a world that has the Doctor in it. Then she realises that she’s doomed: that she will have to die to bring this man she has never met back into the world. It’s an utterly terrifying thought for anybody: the destruction of oneself, the lack of a future, the loss of everything you’ve ever known. How many people would keep going at this point? But that’s why Donna Noble is the most important woman in all of creation: because, in a world without her skinny spaceman, the magnificent, brilliant Donna Noble doesn’t stop trying. She doesn’t stop caring, or fighting. No - she dies so that this horrible, broken world can blink out of existence… she sacrifices herself to set the universe right again.


Doctor Who Quote

Rose: “Something’s coming, Donna. Something worse.”
Donna: “The whole world is stinking. How could anything be worse than this?”
Rose: “Trust me we need the Doctor more than ever. I’ve been pulled across from a different universe ‘cause every single universe is in danger. It’s coming Donna. It’s coming from across the stars and nothing can stop it.”
Donna: “What is?”
Rose: “The darkness.”
Donna: “Well, what do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special. I mean, I’m─I’m not…I’m nothing special. I’m a temp. I’m not even that. I’m nothing.”
Rose: “Donna Noble, you’re the most important woman in the whole of creation.” 


I am a big fan of Donna. However, this does not mean I automatically hate Rose or her fans. What I do hate is when Rose fans refuse to accept that there are other companions, every bit as fantastic as she was, and hate other companions because they are not Rose/other fans because they do not prefer Rose. It’s just so rude.

Hello fellow Whovians, I need your help!


Basically I’m doing my university research project on Doctor Who fandom, and my lecturer said to mention online fandom so I thought where better to get some feedback than on Tumblr?!

I’ve created an online survey with just a few basic questions, it shouldn’t take long to fill out. I’ll be using your answers to make graphs etc. and bare in mind that this is university work so try to be as clear with your answer as possible! The link to the survey is here.

I’ve sent this link out before, but I still need more responses and feedback. It should only take a couple of minutes to fill out and it will really help me out. Also if you could spread the word to any other Whovians you know and ask them to fill it out I’d really appreciate it :)


This is so great, I miss them so much!

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